Temora Flyers Inc Needs a Logo!

The Temora Flyers are a group of aviation enthusiasts who plan to make flying more accessible to our local community, whilst increasing the fun factor at the airfield. Temora already has the best Aviation Museum in the southern hemisphere, and at TFI we want to make Temora the most exciting place to visit to engage in the pleasure of flight.

However, here is the challenge! We have aeroplanes, we have pilots, we have happy smiling passengers, but we don’t have a logo!


Temora Flyers Inc are holding a competition for all children / students in full time education to come up with an appropriate logo for our organisation. This logo will eventually appear on our website, our Facebook page, our stationery and quite a few aeroplanes too. There is a very good chance it will get on the TV and will definitely get into the local news!

So here is the basic specification:

  1. There must be a flying theme
  2. It can have “Temora Flyers Inc” or “TFI” somewhere, but not compulsory
  3. Simple is good….
  4. Colours? Yes but not too many! No rainbows please.
  5. … yes
  6. Closing date for the contest is 15th February 2016

There will be a very select panel of judges to look at the offerings and pick out 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

First Prize …………. Flight over Temora in a F1 Rocket (Must have parental consent)

Second Prize……….Flight over Temora in a Fabulous Aeroplane (Must have parental consent)

Third Prize………….Flight over Temora in a Fabulous Aeroplane (Must have parental consent)

The High School of the winner will receive a cash donation from the Temora Flyers Inc from funds raised at our BBQ on 23rd January. Winners will be announced at the BBQ.

Please send your ideas to: Temoraflyers@gmail.com

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Temora Flyers Inc


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