Emma Jill IWOA Symposium

WOAW Awards In Canada with Emma & Jill

Emma and Jill attended the IWOA Symposium on Gender Balance in the Aviation and Space Industry which included the Awards lunch for the Fly it Forward challenge for Women of Aviation Week.
The day was spent discussing way to tackle the gender imbalance and to retain the female workforce. At  the awards lunch we also heard Jennifer Murray’s amazing story about her around the world flights in a Robinson 44 helicopter and her flights to the South and North Pole.
Apart from attending the Symposium Emma and Jill have made the most of their time in Vancouver. The locals keep telling a this is the best week of weather they have had for nine months! (We must have bought it with us). We have walked the Downtown district and Granville Island, flown in a beaver float plant around Vancouver, had dinner at the revolving restaurant, rode bikes around Stanley Park, visited the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley with one of its directors, mastered to train system, did the Fly Over Canada ride/movie, toured to Whistler and caught the chairlift to the top of Blackcomb about 6100 ft and got snowed on, on the way down, had dinner at The Flying Beaver Bar and Grill (we plan on going there again while waiting for our flight home tomorrow).
Tomorrow we are touring to the Suspension bridge and Grouse Mountain gondola where we can see some grizzly bears. When we get back we have an invite to visit the Harbour tower where the ATC control the waterfront area, (security not so tight here) where they give clearances for floatplanes on the water using landmarks as runway descriptions and they also give the float planes water traffic for landing when they come back and all the other traffic transiting or practicing in their area. Emma sat in the right hand seat of the Beaver and got to hear the ATC, which was amazing hearing what they deal with in such a relaxed manner!
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